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С 18.05.2022 г. по 30.06.2022 г. на автомобили Geely действует выгода до 490 000 рублей*


The Geely Tugella premium coupe-like

crossover will become the flagship

model in the brand's Russian product line.


The car received its name in honor

of one of the largest waterfalls on

the planet - Tugella, located in the

Republic of South Africa. The incredibly

beautiful waterfall consists of several

freely falling cascades.



The name of the new crossover is

intended to reflect all its dynamics,

power and grandeur. The design and

automotive style guru Peter Horbury

contributed to the creation of this

ambitious novelty, who embodied

the artistic concept of "Seize the moment"

(Carpe Diem) in the production model. 


    Maestro tirelessly drew inspiration from

    the situational dynamics of everyday life,

    diluting ideas with the beauties of the



The Tugella crossover is based on the CMA

modular architecture, developed by Geely in

close cooperation with Volvo engineers.

The flexibility of the architecture makes it

possible to build cars of different classes,

using all kinds of innovative systems,

combustion engines, as well as hybrid

and electric power plants.

    The body structure based on CMA is

    distinguished by its super-strength,

    high level of energy absorption and

    rigidity: the body can withstand a load

    five times greater than the weight of

    a car, equal to 1815 kg. The premium

    crossover features Volvo's patented

    technologies to maximize safety

    performance for the occupants.


CMA modular architecture concept

Geely cars are strong solutions, not only in design, but primarily in technology. The crossovers are based on their own unique modular  architecture CMA, which we talk about in the video.




Innovative technology


The "GEELY TUGELLA" car won in the "Best mid-size crossover" nomination according to the magazine "Za Rulem" (Za Rulem LLC). Details on the link