Geely history in Russia



The history of Geely brand on Russian market starts from 2007 and up to 2011 it was represented by independent distributors. Having travelled their way of development from hundreds to dozens of thousands cars sold, today Geely brand in Russia takes the leading position among Chinese manufacturers and firmly realizes the “transformation strategy”, gradually becoming a real player of Russian automotive market along with European brands. The key values of Geely brand in Russia reflect completely the company’s principles all over the world — reorientation from low manufacturing costs to the innovative solutions in the field of quality, safety, technological effectiveness and design.


The model line of the company is constantly developed. In 2012, Geely represented their new Emgrand EC7 to Russian public — truly European design, high quality and the most advanced technologies in safety, which was the best sold Chinese car in Russia in 2013. In mere 2 years, in 2014, Geely launched in Russia the first Emgrand X7 crossover, which became one of the most popular crossover in its segment.

The leading positions of Geely brand on the domestic market are mostly owed to the efforts of OOO GEELY MOTORS, the affiliated company of Geely International Corporation, which represents interests of the brand on the territory of the Russian Federation, being the exclusive distributor of the brand in Russia.
Having started its activity in 2011, the company grows rapidly, and while in 2011 it sold only 6,060 cars, by 2013 the sales reached 27,000 cars. According to the results of 2013, Geely became the leader on Russian automotive market among Chinese automotive manufacturers. Adam Smith Conferences recognized the company as a leader in Best Business Performance 2013 category as the most rapidly developing brand.

In Russia, Geely retains the first place even nowadays: according to Autostat analytical agency, Geely brand has the highest index of the customer loyalty among all the Chinese manufacturers represented on the automotive market. Such a high rate reflects the confidence of the Russian buyers who chose Geely cars, the guarantee of the product quality and the compliance of the customer service with brand standards, which are consistent all over the world.

Today, in the framework of the brand development, the main goal of Geely in Russia is the creation of the multi brand dealership network compliant with high standards of the customer service, increase of the customer’s satisfaction level and strengthen long-term partnership with Geely customers, based on reliable and high-quality service during the whole term of ownership of Geely car, as well as to maintain high standards of quality and aim at becoming one of the most customer-oriented brand in Russia.