Geely Events

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December 2019

Customer Day

Event concept: Geely Day. Test drive of Geely owners and potential customers. Exhibiting and client activities in the ski resort


The number of guests is more than 200.

 Сургут, Горнолыжный курорт «Каменный мыс» (открытие сезона)


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December 2019

Test Drive

Test drive in conjunction with GEELY CLUB. One of the big events of the owners of Geely. Also present was blogger Paul, author of the channel Dizzlike Chanel. At the event, he recorded a review of the Geely Atlas with one of the participants.


The number of guests is more than 150.

 Санкт-Петербург, парк «Сосновка»

 Экспо Кар

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December 2019

Geely Atlas on display in the mall

The concept of the event: getting to know the residents of Udmurtia with Geely Atlas


Tasks (quality): to stimulate the marketing of Geely Atlas cars, to create a positive image about the brand, to create an informational occasion.



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July 2019

The official opening of the dealership

Event concept: Full life with Geely! Buffet, tea ceremony, fashion show, barber show, pranks


The number of guests is more than 120.



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March 2019

The official opening of the dealership with the project "Big test drive with Stillavin and Vahidov"

The main idea of the concept of the event is to introduce guests and customers to the traditions of the country China. Raising CA's awareness of the country discoveries, lifestyle, making great discoveries in world culture and production. Lectures and pranks from the oldest autobloggers runet.


The number of guests coming is 300.