July 01, 2021
Geely offers special conditions for the Trade-in program for medical workers: Loyal Trade-in regardless of the brand of the car being taken into account!
Get a benefit ** up to 120,000 rubles when buying a new GEELY car in the showrooms of official dealers. The Trade-in * program allows you to purchase a new GEELY car on favorable terms. When using it, you have the opportunity to become the owner of a new car, paying only the difference between the cost of the existing used car and the purchased GEELY car.
The Trade-In program applies to GEELY Atlas, GEELY Coolray, GEELY Emgrand GS.




Model of a new car

Complete set of a new car

Benefit **, rub. when transferring to Trade-in a car of any brand

GEELY Atlas 2020/2021

2.0 MT Base

80 000

2.4 AT Luxury (LED)


90 000


2.4 AT Luxury 4WD (LED)

2.4 AT Luxury (LED)4G

2,4ATLuxury 4WD(LED) 4G

1.8T AT Comfort 4WD

90 000

1.8T AT Luxury (LED)

90 000

1.8T AT Luxury 4WD (LED) 4G

90 000

1.8T AT Luxury 4WD (LED)

90 000

1.8T AT Luxury 4WD

1.8T AT Luxury


All configurations(exceptComfort)

50 000

GEELY Emgrand GS 2020/2021

1.8 AT Comfort

100 000

1.8 AT Luxury

120 000



Terms of participation in the Trade-in Program:

You are the owner of an existing used car of any brand;
You hand over your car against the cost of a new GEELY car.
To evaluate your car and obtain detailed information on the list of required documents and conditions, please contact the specialists of the official dealer center GEELY.

The offer is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer (Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). LLC "GEELY-MOTORS" reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Offer unilaterally. For detailed conditions of the offer, crediting, insurance and other conditions, check with the managers at the official dealerships of Geely (the list of Dealers is posted on the website: geely-motors.com) or by phone: 8 800 200 02 89 (call within the Russian Federation is free).

* "Trade-in" program * is an opportunity to sell a used car belonging to a buyer against the cost of a new "GEELY" car (hereinafter - the "Program"). The program is valid from 01.07.2021 to 31.07.2021 for vehicles of the GEELY brand, GEELY Atlas 2020/2021, GEELY Coolray, GEELY Emgrand GS.
** Benefit - a one-time and one-time discount provided by the Dealer to the buyer from the retail price of the vehicle purchased under the Program.


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