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Geely Finance is introducing a special car purchase program with 0% installments.
Benefits for the client:
√  Loan overpayment - 0%;
√  Down payment - from 0% of the car value;
√  Possibility of a preferential payment (reduced up to three times);
√  The minimum package of documents is a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
√  The maximum installment plan is RUB 4,900,000;
√  Payment by installments in Geely DC;
√  Consideration time <1 hour
The program is valid until January 31, 2022.


Geely Direct Sovcombank program for the purchase of Auto-Installment Cars *


Vehicle certificate, registration certificate, civil passport, state technical inspection certificate or warranty and service book.


Loan parameters

Term, months

First installment,%

Loan rate



From 0%




From 0%


Emgrand x7


From 0%




Terms of distribution of the program:


Installment terms: 12 and 18 months (if issued for 18 months, one payment is added to the installment amount).
Payment by installments: from 300,000 rubles to 4,900,000 rubles.
Obligatory registration of the Casco policy for the entire period of validity of the Auto Installment Plan * (Casco is paid for in cash (purchased at the DC)).
Security: pledge of the purchased car.
It is possible to connect the "Insurance payment" option, the fixed cost is 19,900 rubles.
It is possible to include additional equipment in the installment plan.
Mandatory transactions with the Bank's Halva card for an amount of at least 10,000 rubles. and making at least 5 (five) purchases per month.

* - the exact amount of the loan rate will be determined in accordance with the loan calculator provided by the Bank.


Terms and conditions for the product "Halva Card" for the purchase of new cars "Geely Atlas" (all configurations), "Geely Coolray" (except for configuration: automatic transmission 1.5T LP Comfort) and "Geely Emgrand X7" (all configurations) with additional equipment for them: currency - Russian rubles, service of the Halva card - 0 rubles, rate during the grace period (36 months) - 0% per annum.


Collateral - the collateral of the purchased vehicle. In case of delay: forfeit for the amount of overdue debt from 1 to 5 days - 0%, then 19% per annum, penalty for entering delay 590 rubles / 590 rubles + 1% / 590 rubles + 2% of the debt for 1/2 / 3 months and further, respectively. The Bank independently makes a decision on the provision or refusal to provide the product "Card" Halva "and increase the limit on the purchase of a car without giving reasons.

The program is being implemented by GEELY-MOTORS LLC in cooperation with PJSC Sovcombank. General license of the Bank of Russia No. 963 dated December 05, 2014. The offer is valid from 01.01.2022. until 31.01.2022 inclusive.

The offer is for informational purposes only, not an offer (Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). LLC "GEELY-MOTORS" reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Offer unilaterally. For detailed conditions of the offer, installments, tariffs and other conditions, check with the managers at the official Geely dealerships (the list of Dealers is posted on the website: www.geely-motors.com) or by phone: 8 800 20 0289 (free calls within the Russian Federation).


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