Since February 2018, more than 10 thousand Russians have become owners of Geely Atlas. We thank you for your choice and want to congratulate you on your anniversary.
Our flagship has been on the Russian market for 2 years. How many kilometers has he traveled over Russian roads during this time? What tests did you handle? Let's find out!
In honor of the birthday of the flagship crossover Geely Atlas, a competition is announced among owners in the official Geely social networks.
Post your Atlas story on social media. Tell us what you call the car and what features it has. Subscribe to our community, add @GeelyMotors and #MyGEELYAtlas to the post - and you will become a participant in the contest.
Authors of the best stories will become owners of Shell engine oil or Shell fuel payment certificates.


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Geely Atlas Passenger Test Drive with 325,000 km mileage

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a look at the running Geely Atlas, which operates in the airport transfer service of Minsk, and has been running over 325,000 kilometers on Belarusian roads since 2018. Earlier, I did not go to Atlas, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and satisfy my curiosity. For any normal car, 300,000 in a taxi is not a problem, but what will be here?

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How about getting GEELY ATLAS and what kind of car it is?

At the next conversation with the Moscow manager of a car dealership. He said: - I recommend Geely Atlas to your requirements and do not regret to waste time considering this candidacy. I did not even know and did not hear about such a car. I’ll skip all the details of the search, I’ll continue with the purchase. At first glance, having been on a test drive, no enthusiasm or WOW! did not have. A car is like a car, nothing special. Arrived at a car dealership, rolled again, giving free rein to press the gas pedal ...

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Start storing firewood for the winter, sorting out the settings for a night photo, driving through a snowy forest, doing something unusual for yourself and finding an island for further self-isolation (the truth is that there isn’t enough a red mini-house and a boat nearby) - this was our first week of self-isolation )
"4 × 4"Full Drive log
Geely atlas has 300 000 mileage . The answer to all the questions is about China's automobile resources. In February, in four wheel drive 4, we published a review of the Gary atlas intersection. Chinese cars immediately caused a lot of problems, for example, a year later, when it passed, show it to me, and then we will talk about it. Say - Let's do it! I went to Minsk to witness and tell the story of Gary atlas running more than 300000 miles at the airport. This is one of the two "geeks" who have a good time at 300K +. Black atlas picked him up at Minsk airport. This is his home since he was born. Two drivers are on call. One day, one night, when he was ordered, he would rush into the city when he was ordered. There are many such cars around here. The first thing I did was go to the salon. All passenger seats maintain a near perfect appearance. There's a lot of pull in the driver's seat, but for as little as $300000, it could be worse if the driver stays in the car all the time. Patches on the steering wheel are well preserved.
Auto zen
Geely Atlas with a range of 325,400 km. I show what awaits current and future owners In my travels I often use taxi services. Not that it was convenient or cheap, but because only taxi drivers can find out the most valuable information about cars that their manufacturers prefer to hide. This time I ended up in the Republic of Belarus, and decided to use the service of an airport cab, whose fleet consists of - attention - Geely Atlas. And what was my surprise when, on the odometer of a crossover that came up to pick me up, I found the number 325 432 km! Let me remind you that Geely Atlas has been produced at the Belgi plant in the Belarusian Zhodino since 2017. The first modifications received gasoline engines of 2.0 and 2.4 liters, with a capacity of 139 hp. and 149 hp respectively. Subsequently, an 184-horsepower 1.8-liter turbo four was added to them. All-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic are available for modifications with the last two motors. Six-speed "mechanics" - for the younger two-liter engine. Driver Igor turned out to be companionable and sociable, and said that it was his 2.0-liter crossover on the "mechanics" that was purchased two years ago in the most affordable configuration "Basic". An explanation for this was found at once three.
Behind the wheel
300 000 KM - NOT THE LIMIT! FOUND GEELY WITH HUGE RUNS AND WITHOUT PROBLEMS And okay, there would be one car, but when several and in the same park ... The taxi service of the Minsk airport has four dozen Geely. "Behind the wheel" checked them in place. It is not difficult to believe in such large runs, especially if the car is in a taxi. But what is her condition after several years of continuous travel? According to the experience of using a taxi in the metropolitan area, cars of more famous brands with mileage of 200,000 are often in deplorable technical condition. Some when driving make sounds characteristic of serious malfunctions: the hub bearings are humming, the brake pads worn to zero creak, the suspension knocks on the bumps. How Chinese are they? There are a lot of cars under the Geely brand in Belarus, and all of them were produced at the local BELGI factory, which has been operating since November 2017. Now they are producing Geely Atlas, the well-known in our country, Emgrand 7 sedan, Emgrand X7 crossover according to the CKD method (small assembly of car kits), including welding, painting, as well as the new compact Coolray crossover (according to the SKD method). All four Geely models are also delivered to Russia. So these are the same cars we drive, the most popular of which is Atlas. The most “experienced” Atlas in the taxi fleet has 386 thousand kilometers on the odometer, there are several more Emgrand X7 crossovers with runs for 500 thousand kilometers. But for close acquaintance, we chose the Atlas in black (it shows better paintwork flaws) with a mileage of 325,540 km.
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Choose your heart, follow your dream! That is what I would call our relationship with #MyGEELYAtlas. I really wanted to buy a new car and on December 31, 2018, visiting the next car dealership for December, I saw Him ..., this silver-blue brutal handsome man and immediately decided - we are buying it! And I was not mistaken. Oh miracle, it’s also in a luxury package! With each new kilometer, we discovered its new features and the chips with which the car was stuffed. My husband had a dream - to drive along the Georgian Military Road, along which A.S. Pushkin, M.Yu. Lermontov, A.S. Griboedov and visit Georgia. So, thanks to our new acquisition, we went on this journey. Neither the serpentine of mountain roads, nor the steep climbs and descents did not scare us, because we drove this SUV. And #MyGEELYAtlas never let us down on this journey, which is 6 thousand km long. Thank you @ geely.aspec.izhevsk for the opportunity to express my emotions for our car. Thank you, @geely_motors, for opening this car to the Russians, where price and quality, comfort and safety are successfully combined.
Vkontakte, Mean Boy
My most memorable trip to #MyGEELYAtlas began a year ago. Then I just bought a car in one of the Moscow car dealerships. Actually, from the moment I left the gates of the dealership with puppy enthusiasm, and this journey began. Getting indelible pleasure from rumbling 2.4 liter engine, unreal visibility of what is happening around you. I can’t describe any particular trip because I practically live in a car. Every day I’m going somewhere with pleasure. I roll 200km a day. Whether it’s a job, some business, walking with your family in a park or forest, trips to the country. Transportation of everything that can only be transported, starting from building materials for apartment renovation and cottages. The removal of construction waste somehow shoved 5.5 squares of wall from the gas block into the car. Well, how could it be without visiting a well-known foreign furniture and household utensil store, and having bought 2 large wardrobes and a bunch of different nonsense, my wife and I perfectly stuffed everything into our super car and drove home comfortably. You might think that I don’t save the car and treat her badly. But, this is far from the case. I love and respect the car. For me, this is a great helper and friend and ally. Geely Atlas made in order to make my life easier and do my job in comfort. At a minimum, you can note a solid trim. As you have already noticed, I transfer various kinds of cargo in it and I can’t always, or just too lazy, put something on it. Darkness leather interior copes with all tests. from rough rubbish to the unexpected tricks of my little son.
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Pancake week
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Journey to Mars
SALES LEADER Since the start of sales in March 2018, GEELY Atlas has managed to gain the trust of motorists across the country! That is why in 2019, the GEELY Atlas is the most popular crossover from the Middle Kingdom *
All new GEELY Atlas cars are covered by a 5-year warranty or until a mileage of 150,000 km is reached. The expertise of a team of engineers from around the world has allowed us to create a car of which we are confident.
The plug-in all-wheel drive system was created using components from leading world manufacturers. If necessary, it redistributes the torque from the front axle to the rear. At the wheel of a GEELY Atlas you can remain confident on any road surface!
Four wide-angle cameras allow you to fully control the environment of the car. You can switch between each of the cameras or select the “360 degrees” viewing mode.


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