Geely Finance Program

Geely Finance

Geely Finance program is

from  0%

Beneficial interest rate for a purchase of a new vehicle — from 0%* p.a.;

from 0%

Minimal down payment — from 15%* of the price of the purchased car;

up to  7* years 

The loan is given in rubles for up to 7* years;


Short response time; Minimal package of documents

The offer is valid for new cars: GEELY Atlas, GEELY Coolray, GEELY Tugella, GEELY Atlas Pro.


Geely Finance is a program for the special-purpose lending of private customers for purchase of a car on special conditions, this program is implemented along with a partner bank. 

Disclaimer under Geely Direct 01, 64 and 95:


* 0.01% - the interest rate for the product "AutoStyle-Special" within the framework of the loan program for new cars of the Geely Atlas2019-2020(all configurations), Geely Coolray 2020(except configuration: automatic transmission 1.5T LP Comfort), Geely Emgrand X7 2019-2020(all configurations), Geely Tugella ** 2020 (all configurations), - "Geely Direct". The rate is valid if the following conditions are met: loan amount from 90,000 rubles to 2,500,000 rubles, loan currency - Russian rubles, down payment - from 50% of the car value;


*** General loan conditions for the purchase of a new Geely Atlas 2020 (all configurations), Geely Coolray 2020 (except for the configuration: automatic transmission 1.5T LP Comfort), Geely Emgrand X7 2020(all configurations), Geely Tugella 2020(all configurations).