Car body care

Every car owner knows the body is the most expensive part. Aesthetic properties and even the residual value of a car depend on its condition.

What are the warranty conditions for the body?

A Geely warranty of 5 years or 150,000 km is provided for all metal body parts that have a paint or varnish coating if damage, including corrosion, is caused by violations of production technology or a material defect.
In the event that damage, including corrosion, is the result of mechanical damage, no warranty is provided.
The condition for maintaining the guarantee is to undergo inspection inspections during visits to an authorized dealer for routine maintenance, at least once a year. The dealer’s master consultant enters information on the presence of deficiencies caused by external influences, which in the future may cause foci of corrosion in the service book. Having thus received a notification, the owner must contact the dealer’s bodywork within two months to repair the paintwork damaged due to mechanical stress.
In the future, when contacting the owner for warranty body repair, you will need to present a service book.




With regular operation, the body and its paint coating is worn out. Dust, soot, bird droppings, bitumen sprays, poplar buds, industrial precipitation, reagents in addition to temperature changes or heating of the surface in sunny weather lead to damage to LCP, and the formation of corrosion hotspots. Risks can be minimized if you properly care for the car. Without proper care, even the most solid car will lose its appeal.

Simple tips will help to keep the look fresh, good body condition and high residual value of the car.

  • Tip No.1 Wash your car regularly
  • Tip No.2 How to clean the body of bird droppings
  • Tip No.3 How to remove table buds
It doesn’t matter whether you use a commercial car wash, a self-service car wash or prefer an independent manual car wash, the main thing here is regularity. Wash your car in the summer every week, and every two weeks in the winter. If you decide to wash the car yourself - Remember!
  • Before washing, rinse the body thoroughly with plain water. This will allow you to remove small particles of dust and dirt from the surface and not scratch the varnish.
  • Use special car shampoo from the car shop, do not use detergents for washing ceramics, dishes, etc.
  • It is preferable to lather the body with microfiber cloth, the porous sponge will draw in dust residues and small stones, scratching the paint with further use.
  • After washing the body clean, it must be wiped dry with microfiber. Do not use suede or cotton fabrics, this will lead to stains on the surface. Also, when using such fabrics, there is a higher risk that you will wipe along with abrasive inclusions.
  • Wash discs and tires with separate water so that fat is not transferred from the wheels to the body.
  • Wipe gently on chrome elements without effort. Chrome elements have a very thin coating, prone to abrasion, damage and destruction. Most car manufacturers have a limited warranty on chrome elements. For Geely cars, this is 1 year or 15,000 km.