SMILE, AND LET the whole world SEE!
Geely Holding Group, together with twelve outstanding singers from all over the world, sang the anthem Geely in the fight against the epidemic. Let this song inspire and honor those who are fighting the epidemic, and let your smiles shine brightly in all corners of the world.
When a person smiles, the world falls in love with him.We hope that our song Smiles is even brighter than before; will give everyone the strength and support you at this difficult time.

Geely Holding Group has also taken real action to support the fight against the global epidemic by donating personal protective equipment to 14 countries, including Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belarus and the UK.

In the future, Geely will continue to provide care and medical supplies where they are needed. As this global problem affects more and more countries and peoples, let us support each other as a global community with a common destiny.